Our Programs


CIST Early Childhood Program reflects the best of the Canadian system. The early-years curriculum offers stimulating, developmentally appropriate learning experiences for all students. Our active experiential approach to learning uses a blend of play-based, project-based and interdependent small-group learning activities to ensure every child develops the knowledge and skills for future success, while fostering confidence, creativity and curiosity. Our curriculum responds to the needs of the 21st century student by incorporating emerging technology, digital citizenship and real-world learning situations. Emphasis is placed on social and emotional development by providing a caring, nurturing and safe environment that is responsive to the needs of all.



Our Elementary Program (for Grades 1-6) mirrors the Quebec system. An inquiry-based approach is used to nurture intellectual curiosity and actively involve students in developing good work habits, positive attitude and critical thinking. Ample opportunities are provided to connect the experiences of the classroom to the world outside. We also strive to promote international-mindedness through globally-themed projects. By offering hands-on learning experiences and engaging resources we feel that our students develop a passion for discovery – essentially, becoming lifelong learners. Despite a strong focus on academic success, our curriculum integrates Character Education to help each child reach his/ her potential in all areas of development: social, moral, physical, intellectual, cultural, and emotional.



Our Secondary Program for Grades 7-11 is all about exploration through inquiry. We continue to adopt an inquiry-based learning framework based on natural ways of learning. Along with the core subjects of Mathematics, English, Sciences and Social Studies, our program includes Thai Language and Culture, French, Arts (Music, Visual Arts and Art of Robotics), and Physical Education.

Students will embark on a learning adventure through a curriculum that is filled with:

• a variety of academic programs that meet the needs of the individual;

• students taking an active role in their learning;

• stimulating and engaging educational projects that are content-driven yet personally relevant;

• cross-curricular instruction that teaches how all things are related to each other, in school and in life; and

• content that combines deep understanding of one’s own culture, community and nation with the attributes and skills needed to be global learners who can effectively participate in the modern international world and adapt to uncertainty and change.

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