About CIST

To meet the growing demand for quality international education in Bangkok, we are proud to announce the opening of a one-of-a-kind international school.

In September 2017, the Canadian International School of Thailand (CIST) will open its doors.  We will be offering an innovative 21st century education to all students from early childhood to high school level.

The Canadian curriculum is structured upon student-centered learning experiences. At the early-childhood level, learning centres offer theme-based and play-based activities that are tailored towards each child’s unique way of learning. Whereas, at the secondary level, a blend of teaching approaches are used to develop the skills necessary to be responsive global citizens.



The Canadian International School of Thailand provides 21st century innovative learning opportunities that facilitate all students in their pursuit of global education and personal achievement.



• Offer an exceptional international education.

• Provide ample opportunities for students to pursue interests that nurture 21st century skills such as leadership, creativity and entrepreneurialism.

• Meet the needs of each individual by supporting personal and academic growth.

• Instill enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

• Inspire every student to fulfill their potential.

• Ensure that our students are prepared to succeed in tomorrow’s competitive world.


Please contact us for admission or to learn more about CIST.